Naming, Branding & Trademarking

Naming, Branding, and Trademarking your business in Ontario is an important step in establishing your brand. Once you have found the perfect business name, you will want to protect it. In Ontario, sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations may carry on business under a name other than the corporation’s legal name. If you do, then you must register under […]

Should You Have a Family Trust?

It is key to consider the assets that you are choosing to transfer to your family trust. The first reason is that once they are transferred, the assets will now be owned by the trust and …

Commercial Real Estate & Liens

Some of our clients in the construction or services industry are all to familiar with the impact of liens in commercial real estate matters.  Essentially, there are two ways to file a lien. If there is an outstanding debt, we can sue the debtor within two years from the date the debt became outstanding. After an action is commenced […]